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Buy Neopoints

You have came to the right site to buy Neopoints! has a large selction of Neopoint packages for you to buy at very cheap and affordable prices! We will guide you through buying Neopoints, and you can be a Neopets Millionaire in just 3 easy steps!


1. Select a package from our large selection that you would like to buy. Remember, the more you buy, the more you save!
2. Once you have clicked the package of your choice, you will be directed to a form to fill out your Username and method of transfer, and pay through
3. After you pay, set up your shop/trades and wait for your Neopoints to arrive!

Choose Your Package

Transfer Methods

Safest and fastest way to transfer Neopoints. We buy the items from your shop and you will receive the items directly in your shop till. To use this method, please the correct amount of items in your shop for 99,999 Neopoints, and one for the rest depending on how much you buy. For example, if you buy 1,000,000 Neopoints, place ten items in your shop for 99,999 and one item in your shop for 10 Neopoints.
Trading Post
The trading post method requires less work setting up, but it is a more risky because less trades are made everyday compared to items bought. To use this method, set up the correct amount of lots in your trading post. The maximum amount of Neopoints that can be offered on one lot is 800,000 Neopoints. So for example, if you buy 1,000,00 Neopoints, made two lots; we will offer 200,000 Neopoints on one lot and 800,000 Neopoints on another.

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