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Why should I buy my Neocash from was started with one intention, to supply Neopians with a way to get cheap Neocash codes. We strive to be the number one supplier of the discounted 2000 Neocash Cards. We price match, and we are always on the look out to make sure our prices stay lower than our competitors.

That’s nice, but who are you guys? is a team of two Neopets players, Kyle and Brian. We have both been actively playing Neopets for over a decade. We both were buying Neocash for full price, we didn’t realize that we could get discounted Neocash until early 2019. Ever since then we have been selling the discounted neocash cards to our friends and family, we didn’t start selling to the public until 2020.

How do you get the cards?

Kyle is a Brazil citizen, so he can buy the Neopets Neocash cards for much cheaper than other places in the world, since the currency is worth less. We can sell these codes to you for a tiny profit.

So, these cards are legitimate and work on my account?

Yes! All these codes sold here are 100% legitimate, straight from Neopets themselves. They will work on any Neopets account, so no worries if you aren’t from Brazil, the codes will still work on your account.